Painting the 2025 dream

Painting the 2025 dream

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Dreaming has been one of my favorite past-times, as it allows me to take a step back from the complex noisy world with the daily hustle bustle and beautifully envision a future with some well thought creative visuals.

Enterprise Software and The Future of Work-Life has been a hot topic to discuss given the vast fortune and global impact it has created and will continue to in the coming years.

Three themes that I strongly believe could reach massive adoption levels:

10x Human Productivity with AI

EmCap has a fascinating thesis about ‘Coaching Networks’ i.e. augmenting employee’s daily tasks with AI to supercharge the overall enterprise productivity and efficiency levels. Be it applying AI to make every agent as the best performing agent ever or to give better CRM insights for AE’s and sales reps to track opportunities at a granular level, focussed on predictive follow ups that can close deals faster, reducing long enterprise sales cycles.

AI infused messaging can be another area for accelerated innovation; from having each employee have their own Slack BOTs to respond during offline mode or store service associates at Target receiving customer orders via WhatsApp. The goal is to achieve the result faster, cheaper, better with a high quality bar than before by using data and recommendations to train the model and powering the overall human experience.

Binary to ACTG Base Pairing

Moore’s law has made transistors per square milli meter so powerful that we were able to see incredible advancements in hardware and software revolutions, best example being the iPhone. But few worldly visionaries truly believe that the next powerful wave exponentially impacting humanity is the reducing cost to sequence a human genome. Now it does not necessarily imply that every SQL database in every company will eventually be replaced by ACTG base pair storage format, but making sense of 3B peta bytes of a human DNA sequence becomes an interesting data science problem. Now, lets probe that thought one step further: Imagine if the system is able to capture each brain wave and body movement to augment the data; improving model accuracy with a higher prediction rate? This powerful future can lead to few phenomenal techno-scientific breakthroughs like detecting baby cough much before or even spotting adult cancer stem cells in early formative stages.

Talking to the Machines

1 trillion IoT enabled devices in 2035 could bring a radical shift in primary forms of human conversation and communication from the current text and messaging heavy world to a more ‘Voice’ centric interactive experiences; the most powerful method of human communication since life on earth.

With our permission, the refrigerator should be able to consume our voice utterance and order the orange juice from Costco when its running low. So voice is strongly positioned come back in a more powerful way than ever with Alexa, Google Home, Siri just being at the tip of the iceberg.

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Akshay K. Vemuganti is Author of ‘Billion Digital Buyers’ and a Business Development professional based in Silicon Valley, he has spent past 10 years across several different B2B software companies. You can find out more about him at Twitter and LinkedIn.