Will the future athlete be digital?

Team-Dignitas, is an e-sports company based in the UK that was acquired by Philadelphia 76ers late last year. This was the first time a north american sports team invested in an e-Sports business.

e-Sports is a growing field for professional gamers, which potentially could distract attention from the traditional model of physical athletics and sports. There are about 150 million e-Sports enthusiasts worldwide today. And this number is growing.

We are also seeing more sports team’s curious and excited about this space. Internet has the addictive power to mind control and influence eye-ball behaviors.

Imagine if all the 2 billion mobile gamers globally get influenced into this segment?

Per Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the industry did $500M in revenues in 2016, and is positioned to triple by 2020.

The industry started just with students and young professionals playing video games after school, work hours and over the weekends. And now full time professionals compete in tournaments for millions of dollars of prize money.

Similar to retail, almost every physical business can have a digital counter-part. And every physical experience will eventually be comprehended by a digital journey.

Insight: Omni-Channel is more than a channel, its probably a way of future-living.

(Featured photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash)