The $3.7 trillion Global Wellness Market

Health and Wellness are fundamentally distinctive words, often linked together.

Per Wikipedia, Health refers to the functional and metabolic workings of a human being, and how adaptive we are to the constant physical, mental, sociological changes to our surrounding environments.

And Global Wellness Institute defined wellness as an active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a holistic health. A bigger superset encompassing all elements of medicine, beauty, fitness, nutrition, aging, eating and mind-body.

A quick snapshot of the global market segments that are growing 10% annually:

wellness industry

As people get wealthier, they make more informed choices about their fitness and nutrition levels. E.g: Breakfast bowls and avocados toasts have become popular on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms past few years. Consuming more sugar and salt isn’t a fad anymore.

Spas and Saunas are being re-designed and classified into different kinds: Silent spas, Naturistic Saunas with more creativity, natural experiences and art involved.

Fitness and gym instructors are also encouraging less static weights and treadmill usage from the old bodybuilding days to a more natural-dynamic exercise forms like cross fits, natural cardio, power workouts that combine strength, stamina, and subtleness.

We are also seeing the new trend of Meditation Mania; where CEOs are actively embracing the importance of mediation and how it builds resilience, focus, creativity and strengthens relationships.

Last, a huge shift in thinking from pure cosmetics centered approach to happiness focussed mental wellness options, where the natural and organic ways are used to improve skin, complexion, to complement part-mind and part-body workouts options.

A happy mind is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is good for the body – Dalai Lama

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(Featured photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash)