Billion Digital Buyers

Statista predicts the number of digital buyers will grow from 1.32 billion in 2014 to 2 billion by 2019.

This increment progression in the number of buyers is mainly due to the worldwide penetration of the biggest internet companies i.e. Google, Facebook, Baidu, Amazon, Alibaba et. all. Per Lightspeed, a fast-growing POS startup, Retail giant Target discovered that 98% of their customers shop digitally.

Today, you can’t be a global company serving a billion consumers without having a deep online presence.

And its just not for the mega-tech companies, every person with access to internet at has the potential to sell their ideas, services, products to the large global audience.

Over 3 billion people have online access, and with Facebook planning to bring the next 3.5 billion online with initiatives like, the world is positioned to become even ‘more flat’. WhatsApp made us all a ping away, and we gradually are moving towards a location agnostic world where cross-border transactions and business deals will be a click away.

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